Human Cancer

The activity of the ubiquitin/proteasome system, and the abundance of key factors of this pathway are increased in cancer. The ability to specifically interrogate this pathway, using proprietary reagents provides CellXplore with a unique commercial opportunity to identify biomarkers, and to initiate drug discovery efforts.

Animal Health Services

Mastitis is a common condition affecting the mammary/milk-producing organs of mammals, with a significant commercial impact in the dairy industry. Mastitis is typically caused by infection, but can also occur as a result of injury. The primary effect of mastitis is an inflammatory response that can deteriorate the quality of the milk in the udder. It is estimated that the dairy industry in the United States alone absorbs approximately $ 4 billion in annual losses due to lost milk production, reduced milk quality, and veterinary expenses. Remarkably, as many as 5-7 % of the dairy herd is affected by this condition, and many more may harbor a pre-clinical level of infection.

CellXplore has developed reagents that can identify pre-clinical mastitis with high sensitivity and reproducibility. Moreover, the assay can also be used to monitor animal response to treatment, once mastitis has been detected. The assays rely on proprietary technology, and have been completely field tested in dairy farms. CellXplore is seeking partners in the development of a cow-side assay that is economical, easy to conduct, and can be rapidly deployed to the US dairy industry.