About us

CellXplore, Inc is a newly formed biotechnology company that is characterizing the ubiquitin/proteasome system of protein degradation. CellXplore has developed an Intellectual Property portfolio that will support its studies in human health, and in veterinary medicine. CellXplore seeks to identify disease-specific biomarkers, and targets for drug discovery in human diseases, and to develop diagnostic assays for use in the animal science industry.

The transition from normal to abnormal growth, as occurs in disease, is accompanied by changes in the protein expression profile. Many of these changes are caused by the altered degradation of regulatory proteins by the ubiquitin/proteasome system. However, identifying these changes in cancer is challenging, because the high levels of uninformative structural and housekeeping proteins in tissue and blood hinders the effectiveness of current detection methods.

CellXplore has developed tools to facilitate the discovery of biomarkers. Identified biomarkers are expected to serve as key targets for drug discovery.